Glow Monkey Says Lets RAVE!

Flow lights $18.99 Each

Check out these Awesome rave toys called Flow lights! Are you tired of buying and using glow sticks when you rave, just to go and buy more later? With Flow lights you wont have to worry about that anymore. Just turn your Flow light off when your not raving and back on when you start up again. 

Flowlights are also great for practicing your raving. Since you can turn them on and off, you don't have to worry about wasting any power when your not practicing. Each Flowlight takes one AAA battery which should last about 8 hours of continuous use.

And don't forget to include  cases for your flow lights. With cases you can use your flow lights as poi and keep them protected from impact while performing. Once you click a flow light you want, there will be an option to add a case or cases to your order.

LED Gloves $12.95 - $59.99

Led gloves are sure to impress during any performance. The gloves shown above are on sale for $12.95 instead of $17.95! A set of gloves for only 13 dollars? Don't wast another minute and buy now!


More expensive than the previous gloves, these gloves will cost you 53.99$ for a set. But these gloves are more expensive for a reason. These glove sets can be customized with many different casings, colors and chip settings. They are also far more durable than the cheaper gloves and will provide a stronger visual performance. Click on a set of gloves for more information on that set.
Even more expensive now are these high quality gloves! 59.99$ for one set. These gloves are almost identical to the gloves shown above, yet these seem to glow brighter. These gloves may be more expensive, but you will stand out from the rest when performing.

Sock Poi! $9.99 - $43.99

Who doesn't love a great set of poi to spin at raves? Whether your a beginner or a pro at spinning, You will defiantly want a set of poi to play with. Also Check out our Video & Tutorial section to learn some awesome poi tricks.


High Performance Sock Poi

   ^ Jailhouse Sock Poi $43.99     ^ Aurora Sock Poi $43.99        ^ Psychedelic Sock Poi $43.99  ^ White Sock Poi $43.99


This is the best sock poi available! Home of Pois famous 30 mode poi balls teamed up with the softest multicolored socks you've ever held - made of extremely high quality 4-way stretch lycra. You can switch through 30 amazing color combination's and patterns simply by pressing a small button on the poi call. Their design is elegant, their operation, a breeze.

To switch on, hold down the 'on/off mode' button and you are in mode 1. Press the 'mode' button again for mode 2, and again for mode 3. To change between colors and patterns within each mode, press the 'color' button. To switch the ball off, hold down the 'on/off' button for a few seconds. The ball will flash once then switch itself off. Batteries are included.


 Medium Performance Sock Poi



  ^ Jailhouse Sock Poi $24.99      ^ Jailhouse R Sock Poi $24.99  ^ Rainbow Sock Poi $22.99      ^ White Sock Poi $22.99


Beautiful shimmering black and white fabric poi socks with color changing LED glow balls. The 'Rainbow' features a slow color fading transition from one color to the next in sequence. Each set comes with a pair of color changing LED glow balls. Use the side opening in the sock to insert color changing balls.

Batteries included. 




Practice Sock Poi



            ^ Aurora Sock Poi $9.99                     ^ Striped Jailhouse Sock Poi $9.99       ^ Psychedelic Sock Poi $9.99             




           ^ Pink Sock Poi $12.99                        ^ Blue Sock Poi $13.99                      ^ Yellow Sock Poi $13.99



If you are having some difficulty learning wraps and hyperloops then give these a try!  These Foxy Socks are complete with tennis balls inserted. Side opening allows any similar sized ball or glow product to be inserted as well as glowsticks and LED light sticks.  Just wrap the soft tails around the hands and go spinning.



Another form of spinning?


              $16.00                          $21.99                              $18.99                                $21.99
 Check out these crazy sets of poi! Each set is unique to the traditional ways of poi. Click on each type of poi to read a detailed description of the set and to watch a video of how each set is used.
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